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We pack all our teas as Loose Teas. People who infuse tea in tea bags are continually dosing themselves with billions of plastic particles, some of which may be tiny enough to enter human cells. When exposed to hot water, plastic and nylon tea bags release 11 billion microplastics in a single serving.

Keep it in air tight containers. Keep away from light, moisture and heat. Avoid storing the tea in the cabinet right above or below the stove. Never put a wet or damp teaspoon to scoop tea from the container or zipper pouch.

To maximize your exposure to catechins, and thus extract the greatest health benefits from your cup of tea,the whole buds and young leaves of most loose leaf teas are superior to broken leaf pieces, called fannings and dust, which are found in many bagged varieties.

We are completely an online store with a wide variety of products to choose and purchase on our website.

Almost All Herbal Teas are Caffeine-Free. The vast majority of herbal teas are caffeine-free, as they're made from infusing plants that don't have a caffeine content.