Coconut Flakes Narikel - INNOVEDA
Coconut Flakes Narikel - INNOVEDA
Coconut Flakes Narikel - INNOVEDA
Coconut Flakes Narikel - INNOVEDA
Coconut Flakes Narikel - INNOVEDA

Coconut Flakes Narikel

100% Natural | Plant-Powered Support | FSSAI Certified
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नारिकेलफलानि च । बृहणंस्निग्धशीतानि बल्यानि मधुराणि च।।
Reference - Charak Samhita Sutra Sthana / 27

Interpretation of Shloka - The fruit of the coconut tree is helpful in strengthening, and moisturising is a coolant in nature, boosts the power, and is sweet in taste.

नालिकेरं गुरु स्निगधम् पित्तघ्नं स्वादु शीतलम्। बलमांसप्रदम् हृद्यं बृहणं बस्तिशोधनम्।।
Reference - Sushrut Samhita Sutra Sthana / 46

Interpretation of Shloka - Coconut is heavy, moisturising, pacifying pitta, sweet in taste, and coolant in properties. This herb is very effective for providing nourishment to muscles, acts as a heart tonic, and strengthens, as well as is used to detoxify the body.

नारिकेलफलं शीतं दुर्जरम् बस्तिशोधनम्।
विष्टंभि बृहणं बल्यं वातपित्तास्रदाहनुत्।। विशेषतः कोमलनारिकेलं निहन्ति पित्तज्वरपित्तदोषान् । तदैव जीर्ण गुरु पित्तकारि विदहि विष्टंभि मतम् भिषग्भिः ।। तस्याम्भाः शीतलम् हृदयं दीपनं शुक्रलम् लघु । पिपासापित्तजित्स्वादु बस्तिशुद्धिकरम् परम्।। नारिकेलस्य तालस्य खर्जूरस्य शिरांसि तू । कषायस्त्रिगधमधुरबृहणानि गुरुणि च।।
Reference - Bhavprakash Nighantu / Amradiphala Varga

Interpretation of Shloka - Coconut fruit is a coolant, heavy in digestion, detoxifies the urinary system, vishtambhak, strengthens, and provides nourishment to the body. It specifically works on the Vata, pitta, bleeding disorders, and burning sensation. This plant is used to pacify the pittaja jwara and pitta dosha. Its old fruit is basically heavy, aggravates pitta, and is vidahi and vishtambhak in quality.

नारिकेलो गुरुः स्निगधः शीतः पित्तविनाशनः। अर्धपक्वास्तृषाशोषशमनो दुर्जरः परः।।
Reference - Raj Nighantu
Interpretation of Shloka - Coconut is heavy, moist, and coolant, and is used to rectify the pitta dosha when it is halved and ripened it reduces dehydration, along with inflammation, this also acts as the best anti-aging.

नारिकेलप्रसूनम् तु रक्तपित्तप्रमेहनुत्। रक्तातिसारं हरति महालोहितनाशनं।।
शीतलं सोमरोगघ्नं विबंधं कुरुते भृशम्।
Reference - Kaiyyadev Nighantu
Interpretation of Shloka - Coconut is good for bleeding disorders, motions mixed with blood can also be treated with this, it is a coolant so can help in curing the somrog (Rajyakshma / Tuberculosis), and constipation very well.

Experience the many health benefits of our Coconut Flakes ! With its high levels of phenols, it effectively manages high cholesterol. Not only that, but our product's Coconut flakes also offer potent antioxidant activity, reducing oxidative cell damage. Prioritize your health with our nutrient-rich coconut flakes.

Other Names :

Cocos nucifera, Narikela, Narikela, Khopra, Narkel, Coconut Palm, Naliar, Nariyel, Shriphal, Koprun, Nariyal, Gola, Khobbari, Tengnamara, Temgu, Thengu, Thenginamara, Nalikeram, Ten, Thengu, Keram, Naral, Narela, Garigola, Tenkai, Kopparai, Narikelamu, Tenkay, Kobbari, Narjil, Narial


Coconut Flakes


Aids Digestion

Harvested & Sourced

April 2024

Cullinary Uses of Coconut

Discover the natural goodness of Coconut Flakes Narikel. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, this "good luck charm" packs a punch of nutrients - calcium, magnesium, sodium, and more. Perfect for adding a healthy, flavorful boost to your meals and snacks.

Coconut Milk

Curry Making


Stir Fry Veg



Processing StrengthFor Coconut Flakes


Continuous In Process


Line Processing Capabilities

Heavy Metals

Multiple Stages of Screening

Quality Testing

At Multiple Stages

Balance, nourish & boost

Coconut Flakes may be beneficial for those managing diabetes. With potential benefits such as reducing pancreatic damage, improving insulin secretion, and increasing blood glucose utilization, these flakes offer a flavorful solution. Expertly crafted and containing natural ingredients, these flakes offer an effective and delicious option for managing diabetes.


Keep It Clean
Elevate your Health & Discover the Pure Power of Pesticide-free Coconut Flakes.


Keep It Real
Ensuring Accuracy of Label details in Every Pack.


Keep It Strong
Boost your wellness with our Plant-Based Goodness!

Feel balanced and boosted

Coconut Flakes are a beneficial addition to your diet. These flakes have been shown to increase metabolic rate and reduce tissue cholesterol and phospholipid levels, making it a great option for managing obesity. Enjoy the benefits of coconut while satisfying your cravings for a nutritious and delicious snack.

committed to quality

Nature growers

We believe in sourcing herbs from where they grow best. While we source herbs from the best growers. we procure herbs and ingredients from farmers, who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Sourced Carefully

Procurement & Processing

There is so much to learn from Nature, and Innoveda is your gateway to those lessons. Every products is screened and validated in our state-of-the-art facility.

Experience the difference with Nature Herbs

Spice up your day and boost your vibe with Nature Herbs — natural coconut flakes that spark a fresh outlook and the freedom to choose wisely.

Fresh & Effective

100% Natural Ingredients

storehouse of Wellness

No Preservatives or Flavours

Not Tested on Animals

Clean & Green

Our Coconut Flakes are

Non Toxic

BPA Free

Allergen Free


Naturally Organic

Nitrates Free

Your Health Basket is waiting

Add to your pantry

Food Grade Packaging

Quality Product

Eco friendly

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