Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder - INNOVEDA
Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder - INNOVEDA
Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder - INNOVEDA
Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder - INNOVEDA
Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder - INNOVEDA
Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder - INNOVEDA

Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder

100% Natural | Plant-Powered Support | FSSAI Certified
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मण्डूकपर्ण्याः स्वरसः प्रयोज्यः ।
आयुः प्रदान्यामयनाशनानि बलाग्निवर्णस्वरवर्धनानि ।
मेध्यानि चैतानि रसायनानि ।
Reference - Charak Samhita Ckikitsa Sthana 1/3

Interpretation of Shloka - The swaras of mandukparni should be used. This medhya Rasayana is used to gain longevity of life, destroys all the doshas, strengthens the body, enhances the digestive fire, complexion and voice may be improved by its usage, and memory power can also be improved with mandukparni.

रसो मण्डूकपर्ण्यास्तु प्रलेपात् पिटिकामयम् प्रणाशयेत् ।।
Reference - Shoddal nighantu

Interpretation of Shloka - Mandukparni and the paste of mandukparni leaves can be applied to the skin to reduce any type of skin disorder like acne.

हृत्दोष एव प्रतिसंसृष्ट्भक्तो यथाक्रममागारं प्रविश्य मण्डूकपर्णी स्वरसमादाय सहस्र संपाताभिहुतम् कृत्वा यथाबलम् पयसा पिबेत्। एव दशरात्रमुप्युज्य मेधावी वर्षशतायुः भवति ।
Reference - Sushrut Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 28 / 8

Discover the benefits of Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder, an ancient herb known for its intellectual promoting effects. Derived from Sanskrit, the name means "the leaf resembles the feet of a frog." Discover the ancient power of Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder, derived from Sanskrit and known for its intellect-boosting effects. Used in Ayurveda for centuries, this herb is an essential ingredient in many compound formulations. Say goodbye to confusion and tap into the true potential of your mind.

Other Names :

Centella asiatica, Brahma Manduki, Kodangal, Karivana, Saraswati Aku, Vauari, Manduki, Darduracchada, Manimuni, Jholkhuri, Thalkuri, Thankuni, Indian Pennywort, Khodabrahmi, Khadbhrammi, Ondelaga, Brahmi soppu, Kodangal, Karivana, Vallarai, Gotu kola


Gotu Kola Powder


For Skin Health

Harvested & Sourced

April 2024

Skin Benefits of Gotu Kola Powder

Boost collagen production and maintain skin's firmness and elasticity with Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder. Rich in terpenoids, it may help prevent and heal stretch marks, revealing smooth and supple skin. Enhance your skin's natural rejuvenation process with this powerful powder.

Super Skin Soother

Reduce Redness and Uneven Skin Tone with Consistent Use of Gotu Kola.

Supports Youthful-looking Skin

Firm, Protect, and Revitalize Your Skin with Gotu Kola.

Increases Collagen

Discover the Power of Centella Asiatica: Collagen-Boosting Compounds Revealed!

How to apply Gotu Kola on face


Take 1/4 - 1/2 tsp Gotu Kola Powder.


Make a paste by adding Tea Tree Oil or Jojoba Oil.


Apply it all over the face. Leave for 10 - 20 mins.


Wash it off with normal water. Use twice a week.

Processing Strength for Gotu Kola Powder


Continuous In Process


Line Processing Capabilities

Heavy Metals

Multiple Stages of Screening

Quality Testing

At Multiple Stages

Balance, nourish & boost

Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder is a skin-lightening herb that contains flavonoids, centelloids, and tannins, proven to decrease melanin production in the skin. Experience the benefits of a brighter, more even complexion with this powerful ingredient.


Keep It Clean
Elevate your Health & Discover the Pure Power of Pesticide-free Gotu Kola Powder.


Keep It Real
Ensuring Accuracy of Label details in Every Pack.


Keep It Strong
Boost your wellness with our Plant-Based Goodness!

Feel balanced and boosted

This Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder is a powerhouse of four active compounds - asiaticoside, asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and madecassoside - found in Centella Asiatica. These compounds stimulate collagen production, offering potential benefits such as improved skin elasticity and wound healing. Perfect for those looking for a natural way to boost their skin health.

committed to quality

Nature growers

We believe in sourcing herbs from where they grow best. While we source herbs from the best growers. we procure herbs and ingredients from farmers, who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Sourced Carefully

Procurement & Processing

There is so much to learn from Nature, and Innoveda is your gateway to those lessons. Every products is screened and validated in our state-of-the-art facility.

Experience the difference with Nature Herbs

Discover the power of Gotu Kola Mandukaparni Powder, packed with four active compounds that promote collagen production. With Centella Asiatica as its source, this powder may improve skin elasticity and aid in wound healing. A natural solution for healthier skin.

Fresh & Effective

100% Natural Ingredients

storehouse of Wellness

No Preservatives or Flavours

Not Tested on Animals

Clean & Green

Our Gotu kola Powder is

Non Toxic

BPA Free

Allergen Free


Naturally Organic

Nitrates Free

Paraben Free

Sulphates Free

No Synthetic Fragrance

No Animal Collagen

Your Health Basket is waiting

Add to your pantry

Food Grade Packaging

Quality Product

Eco friendly

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