Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA
Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care - INNOVEDA

Baheda Powder (Churna) For Digestive Care

100% Natural | Plant-Powered Support | FSSAI Certified
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बिभीतकस्त्रिलिङ्गः स्यादक्षः' कर्षफलस्तु सः । कलिदुमो भूतवासस्तथा कलियुगालयः ।
बिभीतकं स्वादुपाकं कषायं कफपित्तनुत् । उष्णवीर्यं हिमस्पर्श भेदनं कासनाशनम् ॥३६॥
रूक्षं नेत्रहितं केश्यं कृमिवैस्वर्यनाशनम् । बिभीतमज्जातृट्छर्दिकफवातहरी लघुः ॥
कषायो मदकृच्चाथ धात्रीमज्जाऽपि तद्गुणः ॥ ३७ ॥

Introduce Baheda Powder (Churna), also known as “Bibhitaki” for its disease-preventing properties. One of the main ingredients in “Triphala”, it's used to alleviate common cold, pharyngitis, and constipation. Baheda tree, native to India, provides medicinal benefits from its dried fruit, known for its astringent and acrid taste.

Other Names :

Terminalia bellirica, Vibhita, Akaa, Aksaka, Bhomora, Bhomra, Bhaira, Bayada, Beleric Myrobalan, Bahedan, Bahera, Tare kai, Shanti Kayi, Babelo, Balali, Tannikka, Bahera, Thanrikkai, Thanikkay, Bibhitaki


Baheda Powder


For Digestive Care

Harvested & Sourced

April 2024

Benefits of Baheda powder

Improve your digestive health with Baheda Powder (Churna). Its antimicrobial and anti-allergic properties help fight cough and cold while boosting your immune system. Add it to warm water for better digestion and regular bowel movements. Say goodbye to constipation and hello to a healthier gut.

For Constipation

Benefit from Baheda's Laxative Properties: Say Goodbye to Constipation.

For Weight Loss

Boost Digestive Fire and Remove Toxins with Baheda

Loss of Appetite

Alleviate Bloating and Flatulence Naturally with Baheda.

Baheda Powder Beauty care Benefits

For Acne Scars

Combat Acne Naturally with Baheda Fruit's Astringent Benefits.

For Dandruff

Revitalize Your Locks with Baheda's Keshya Properties for Stronger, Thicker Hair Growth.

For Hair Loss

Promote Hair Growth Naturally with Baheda's Powerful Astringent Qualities!

How to Use Bibhitaki powder


Take 1/2 glass of water.


Take 1/2 tsp of Baheda Powder.


Swallow with warm water for digestion. Add honey if needed.


Take twice a day preferably after meals.

Processing Strength for Baheda powder


Continuous In Process


Line Processing Capabilities

Heavy Metals

Multiple Stages of Screening

Quality Testing

At Multiple Stages

Balance, nourish & boost

Improve your digestive health with Baheda Powder (Churna). This potent powder helps control obesity and increases metabolism by boosting your digestive fire. Its Ushna potency and Rechana property work together to remove accumulated waste and promote a healthy weight. Take charge of your digestive care with Baheda.


Keep It Clean
Elevate your Health & Discover the Pure Power of Pesticide-free Baheda Powder.


Keep It Real
Ensuring Accuracy of Label details in Every Pack.


Keep It Strong
Boost your wellness with our Plant-Based Goodness!

Feel balanced and boosted

Baheda Powder is a vital herb known for its laxative properties, making it effective in relieving constipation. Its soothing and lubricating effects on the digestive tract promote easy stool expulsion, providing relief for digestive discomfort.

committed to quality

Nature growers

We believe in sourcing herbs from where they grow best. While we source herbs from the best growers. we procure herbs and ingredients from farmers, who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Sourced Carefully

Procurement & Processing

There is so much to learn from Nature, and Innoveda is your gateway to those lessons. Every products is screened and validated in our state-of-the-art facility.

Experience the difference with Nature Herbs

Baheda Powder (Churna) is a potent digestive aid, helping to manage loss of appetite, bloating, and constipation. With its Ushna (hot) and Rechana (laxative) properties, it enhances Pachak Agni (digestive fire), making digestion easier and smoother. Improve your digestive health with Baheda Powder.

Fresh & Effective

100% Natural Ingredients

storehouse of Wellness

No Preservatives or Flavours

Not Tested on Animals

Clean & Green

Our Baheda Powder is

Non Toxic

BPA Free

Allergen Free


Naturally Organic

Nitrates Free

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Food Grade Packaging

Quality Product

Eco friendly

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